Acquiring a CMM Without Having to Purchase It

Does your growing business require a new portable coordinate measuring machine, a laser tracker, or measuring arm but couldn’t acquire one because of funding constraints? Acquiring a CMM does not necessarily require an outright purchase using out-of-pocket or borrowed funds. In fact, you can meet unexpected demand or improve work processes by using a CMM without having to purchase it at all. Many of our clients have actually done this and for this reason, we would like to share with you why and how it’s done.

Renting CMM in the short term

Laser trackers and measuring arms may come in compact, portable designs thus, installation is not necessary. These features make it convenient for clients to just rent them for a short period of time, especially when the need to expand production within the metrology unit is only seasonal.

Apart from addressing a sudden surge in demand, another compelling reason to rent a CMM is to assess if the equipment is compatible with existing applications. Once this is assessed, a decision to purchase or not can be arrived at based on actual tests.

Also, some companies may have difficulty justifying a CMM purchase. In this case, renting a CMM equipment for purposes of evaluating if it actually optimizes company earnings is the way to go. When justifying budget allocation for equipment purchases, one very good measure is the Return on Investment (ROI) measured based on actual figures. The new CMM even when used in the short-term by the metrology unit may already reveal production outcomes leading to improved ROIs. These may include lesser product rejects or faster production cycle. The budget committee will most likely consider a proposal to allocate funds for CMM procurement if ROIs presented were calculated based on actual production data.