As the industry leader, FARO once again raises the bar in portable measurement with the revolutionary FARO Edge. With its built-in touchscreen computer and “SmartArm” technology, the Edge simplifies the user experience with improved performance, portability, and reliability.


The FaroArm is a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that allows manufacturers easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, reverse engineering, and more. The all-new FARO Edge is the most advanced, state-of-the-art FaroArm ever produced.

With the ScanArm, the addition of the FARO Laser Line Probe to the FaroArm adds unparalleled non-contact 3D scanning capabilities for detailed measurement of surface form, making the ScanArm the perfect combination of a contact and non-contact portable CMM.

Product Specifications:

  • Size 1.8 metres
  • 6 axes
  • Manufacturing Date: Oct 26, 2015
  • Proble includes:
    • 6mm probe
    • 3mm probe
    • Point probe
  • Software included CAM2 Measure X
  • Magnetic mount
  • Tripod not included

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