Inspection of machine parts with a Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine

AJT Engineering Ltd has been developing from unpopular to being a renowned producer of engineering related services with multi functions and disciplines to a wide section of the industrial world. AJT Engineering Ltd is a firm specialized in the repair of surfaces and sea basin drilling instrument and equipment, a machine for preventing blowouts, production and drilling tubular which add to the equipment manufactured in the present century. AJT Engineering’s inclusive facilities for production and manufacturing reaches up to a 70,000 feet squared lot area where it comprises of several large and conventional machines with CNC capacity that enables potential customers in carrying their machine requirements economically and efficiently.

One main factor that made AJT Engineering Ltd boom towards success is its total embracing characteristics and qualities. The company’s manufacturing and producing activities is influenced by a protocol of creating a certain thing, perfecting it the first time it is made and an important philosophy of searching for continual improvements. AJT Engineering Ltd is constantly making use of portable CMM, the FARO Gage, throughout the entire shop by adding and employing suitable measuring tools and instruments with renowned flexibility, accuracy, and portability.

Here are certain benefits of FARO Gage:

  • Decrease in the downtime of machine parts
  • Reduction of scrap residues
  • Re-working of measurements and assemblage is less
  • Immediate time deliveries

FARO gage is an efficient measuring unit which can be easy, quickly, and accurately used coordinate measuring machine that cuts companies’ dependence on highly expensive, cost inefficient, fixed, and unbendable CMMS. FARO Gage offers highly accurate levels, developed measurement consistency and decreased inspection works. FARO Gage is strictly following a measuring cycle or routine to be able to generate automatically user inputted reports for inspection. FARO Gage is specifically designed and constructed for the convenience of personnel of shop floors. The powerful and tough structure of FARO Gage can be assembled in just seconds, which allows skilled and medium-skilled workers and personnel to create the most accurate measurement with some easy and quick assembling.

FARO Gage gives its users certain abilities in maintaining their balance and focus on gathering the best results in measuring through its advanced designs which maximize and increase accuracy and precision. It decreases the fatigue of the users with the implementation of internal and inclusive counterbalancing. A temperature control unit is built in the system along with overload or overuse sensors that allow FARO gage to react and detect to certain changes in its system.

FARO Gage, being a multi-purpose, single, accurate and precise tool, spends less money and time which brings an end to all disorderly and unreliably inaccurate inspection matters created by various normal-measuring-equipment like gauges, micrometers, and calipers.

FARO Gage has certain features that enhance and heightens productivity by quickly completing routine for accurate and precise measurements of three-dimensional objects. These features include a huge volume, 4 cubic feet, in a shape of a sphere and an accuracy that ranges from standard up until 0.018 millimeters. This feature provides a comparable performance with fixed coordinate measuring machine but with an unimaginably accurate level of portability and flexibility.


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